Romanian Design Council is a non-profit organization of designers, academia and government members with the goal of growing, sustaining and promoting design and innovation as critical components for the future growth and development of Romania.

Our main goals are:

  • Community & Collaboration

    Connect designers, technology, and business and local administration in order to create an environment for collaboration, innovation and growth

  • Advocate & Educate

    Advocate and educate businesses and organizations on the process, value and impact design can have on businesses, profitability and growth, in order to increase the integration of design discipline in business, technology, entrepreneurship and administration processes. Educate designers, recent graduates and academics on best practices that reflect latest changes in design profession. Inform and educate academia on best programs, and enable collaboration and educational partnerships.

  • Environment & Policy making

    Create and foster an environment and community that informs, recommends and advocates for policy-making that enables design and innovation at national and local level.

  • Recognize, Award, Reward

    Recognize, award and encourage Romanian organizations that employ design as part of their processes, and designers that are bringing excellence and contributions to the local and global community.